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Due to Covid 19, no competitions were played in 2020



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Tommy Marsh Cup - Sunday 1st September 2019

We woke up on Sunday morning to a very mixed bag of weather however 35 people turned up to play in the Tommy Marsh Cup.  A great turn out but an odd number!  I have previously written to you requesting that if you are an odd person then please bring someone with you to even up the numbers and make the draw easier for Angela to do the draw.  In this instance the odd person was Peter Boothman. Yes you read that correctly folks - our Chairman!!   We therefore had to get three lady volunteers to partner him which wasn't very difficult at all. They subsequently became know as Peter's hareem.   Anyway, moving on,  everyone had three games each and then we had semi finals,


Semi Finals 

Angela Cook and Paul Dyson (11)   v  Peter Boothman and Wynn Greetham  (7)

Sue Colton and Neil Savage  (6)   v  Rita Dunn and Peter Crook   (5).    This was a thrilling game a which came down to the last bowl being played by Sue resulting in her knocking all the other bowls out leaving her and her partner as semi final winners.


Angela and Paul  (11)   v Sue and Neil (1). 

Winners of the Tommy Marsh Cup 2019....

Angela and Paul  Congratulations!!


It was particularly pleasing to see two of our newer members doing so well. Congratulations and well done to everyone.


Chairmans Cup - Waddington Village Club - Sunday 14 th July 2019

It seemed that this year's annual outing was plagued!  Men's Wimbledon Final, England Team playing in the Cricket World Cup and Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix all on the same day.  Not only that, but the organisers of the Iron Man Race deemed their event  much more important than ours and put blockers in the way to stop us getting to our destination. But did this stop us?  No, it didn't!  For some of us it took a little longer to get to Waddington than usual however everyone arrived on time.  The weather was set fair and improved throughout the day with lots of sunshine. 


We had forty eight people, forty of which were bowlers.  The draw had already been prepared by our wonderful Angela, who ran the whole of the competition in her usual super efficient way.  We all had three games each with lunch of sandwiches and chips in the middle.  They went down a treat. 


Semi finalists 


Alan Reddyhough and  Margaret Jones (5)  v Billy Holliday and Sue Colton (4)


Peter Greetham and Brenda Gee (7)   v Kay Williams and Cath Cartridge (3)




Alan and Margaret  (5)   v  Peter and Brenda (4)


It was good to see the C team well represented with four players in the last eight😊


It was a great day finished off with a lovely meal and good service which was enjoyed by all. 


Congratulations to Alan and Margaret.  It's worth mentioning that Alan had a fall on Thursday and had to go to A&E to be repaired.  I think that he must have been given bionic parts!


Looking forward to next year we will be looking to move the date slightly as The Olympics, Wimbledon Men's Final and the European Cup final are on the same day, unless of course I can persuade the BBC to broadcast our event live.  Just think of the royalties we would get!!


John Innes Cup Sunday 30th June

Well the weather smiled on us for our John Innes Cup competition last Sunday. Twenty seven people signed up to play.  We all got three games each before the knock outs started.


Semi - finalists were


Howard Boyd  (9) v Trish Tilson (2)


Chris Dew (6) v Paul Hayes (5)


As you can see the match between Chris and Paul was very close with Chris just nipping in to take a final point at the end.  Paul's dream of holding on to the trophy for a second year was dashed!!  He was gutted, he has looked after the trophy extremely well and has polished it every week.   He was hoping to retain the trophy as now he has a gap on his mantle place.😂


At one time we thought that we might have an all ladies final (a Queen's Park final at that) but is was not to be.  Howard provided us with a very impressive display of excellent bowling.




Chris Dew (6) v Howard Boyd (5)


Howard was in the lead for much of the final but Chris pulled out all the stops to win at the final end. It was really thrilling to watch.   Well done and thank you for some superb action.

As usual our thanks go to Angela for running the competition for us, as usual the organisation was brilliant.


Alf Cotton Trophy June 2nd 2019

There's no way that even with a great imagination, we could have identified yesterday's weather as Flaming June!   It was a cold and wet, however 34 hardy bowlers turned out to play for the much coveted Alf Cotton Trophy.  All entrants were paired via a public draw and enjoyed three games each.  Some brilliant bowling took place despite the frequent showers. 

The semi finalists were;

 David Newman and Steve Swannell  (9)  v Joyce Houghton and Paul Hayes (5)

Rita Dunn and Kevin Breen  (4)  v Angela Cook and Howard Tilson (8)



David and Steve (4)  v Angela and Howard  (8)


Congratulations to Angela and Howard (yes that man again!)


Dereck Schofield Plate Sunday 12th May

 What a lovely day it was for our first competition of 2019 on Sunday.    The Green was at its very best and many people remarked on the maintenance and the setting of such a lovely place.  This was a singles  match and  twenty eight players arrived for a great afternoon's bowling. We also had quite a few spectators making the most of the weather and indulging in our lovely ice creams.   Angela ran the competition in her usual well organised way and everyone got two or three games each.  Although I was unable to attend I do know that the competition was very exciting.

The Semi Finalists were

Howard Tilson v Kevin Breen          winner       Howard

Angela Cook v Peter Boothman      winner       Peter



​Howard Tilson v Peter Boothman    winner      Howard

The two finalists were well matched and the score was very close with the final score being 7 - 6. 

Well done and congratulations to Howard. 



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